Classic Wedding Gowns for your Perfect Wedding

Classic Wedding Gowns for your Perfect Wedding

Here are the most classic wedding gowns throughout american history, where they originated from and why they are so timeless / iconic:

 1. Modern Classic

 As of the 2020s, we find more women opting for minimalistic and chic dresses. It was all thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that many couples had to elope if they wanted to be legally wed. Others had small weddings of 4 or a little more people to come. Minimalism is all the rage and so with these events, it was only a matter of time before wedding dresses became minimal as well.

 Long dresses remain, however, outrageous laces, puffy sleeves, gowns and tulles have gone completely out of the window.

 The classic modern dress as of the 21st Century is a long dress with a Simple neck line, typically highlighting the bust. A simple veil, minimal details and bows are a must. Dresses can be satin, lacey or even regular cotton.

 See Ariana Grande’s wedding dress. It seems she had a small and intimate wedding, and so, the dress reflected that. She is bright and stunning as usual!:

Wedding Gown


Wedding Gown Sleeveless

 2. Classic

 The classic American wedding dress is a fitted upper body, with a straight or somewhat low cut neckline and a large tulle over skirt, train and mesh veil. She will have a wonderful bundled assortment of flowers in her hands, perhaps wearing some gloves that match her dress and some shirt heels.

 The train is always long! What’s the point of walking down the aisle if the whole aisle isn’t taken over by the train of your dress. Your partner will watch as your gown and trail envelops the red carpet, purifying it with your presence.

 Wedding Gown with Veil

Wedding Gown with Train

 3. All the Drama

Happy wife, happy life. If the bride wants more then she gets MORE!

Another classic dress would be an homage to the Victorian dresses we see in film and television today. Commonly referred to as princess dresses, with oversized ballroom gowns, ridiculously long trails. In fact, this dress would be the perfect opportunity to wear long sleeve Hollywood star gloves.

Surely this would be a more expensive route, but the possibilities are endless!

Elegant Wedding Gown with Long Train

Sleeveless Wedding Gown with Train

4.  Vintage Classic

Some might consider this style to be outdated but rest assured, after reading this you will be dying to step out in a vintage wedding dress.

Today, this style is referred to as Cottage Core by Gen Z. These dresses have flowing sleeves, large and light. they are angelic in appearance, leaving all those you walk by in a daze. They are often more conservative in consideration of the bust, resulting in a youthful and pure representation of the wearer.

This dress has just as much dramatic potential as the Ball Gown wedding dress. With that being said, it does not require a corset nor a ball gown wired form. It’s fascinating because though they are both magical in appearance, the vintage dresses we see here are almost mystical.

Envision yourself running in the sunset after the “I do's” with your lover; feel the wind in your dress, knowing that you look as if you are a mortal cloud drifting across the field on the cusp of a new chapter.

Vintage Wedding Gown 

 Fashion Wiz Wedding Gown

 5. Boho Classic

 Laces, feathers, mesh, more lace, more feathers…

 If you’re going to the classic Boho aesthetic for your wedding, those are some things you can’t step out of the dressing room without accounting for.

 What is most important about this dress is that it is fun! Every stitch, every outlined detail on your apparel should reflect yourself as a person! You should feel dainty and calm, bohemian if you will.

The Boho aesthetic seeks to enhance the wearer's own earthly and homely features. It is for this reason that jewelry and other embellishments are not necessary.

Go with the wind, embrace what comes to mind and embroider yourself on your special day.

Wedding Gown Slim Flow


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