5 Popular Wedding Gown Styles and Trends

Here are some of the most popular wedding gowns as of the early 2020s:


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in elopement and minimalist apparel in consideration of wedding dresses. For example, women have been opting for slim fit and tulleless dresses, as traditional wedding gowns are too expensive when the wedding has 6 people watching. Nonetheless, these dresses are still beautiful, chic and if anything more manageable. Dresses that are long, with fine silk and lace details, and other additions will take the dress from ordinary to wedding worthy in seconds. As the glowing bride, you will be the center of attention in face, beauty and elegance.

Minimalistic Wedding Gown


Minimalistic Wedding Gown 2



 Sleeves are getting skinnier, more detailed, bigger, and puffier with the rise in minimalistic dresses.

Going for something simple and clean? Try some simple short over the shoulder sleeves to add a little more princess to your prenup.

Maybe you want something more detailed? After all, a white dress is just a white dress without some pizazz. Fitted lacey attached/detachable sleeves with floral detailing are just what you are looking for!

Of course we cannot forget chic puffy, oversized sleeves to make your dress look chic and extravagant.

Wedding Gown with Sleeves


 Wedding Gown with Sleeves 1


 Back Detail 

 Lacey details on the back of the dress are growing increasingly popular. They are reminiscent of a soft bohemian style of which continues to be present in modern American Weddings. This works regardless of how high or low the back cut and detailing is.

 Back Detail Wedding Gown


  Over Skirts 

 Tulle to compensate for the lack of a large ball gown. A beautiful fitted white dress with the addition of a flowing overskirt to kick the princess levels up a notch. Give yourself the option of dancing with your lover, twirling throughout the hall with unbridled joy and flair. Your night should be spent with those you love, in a dress you can't get enough of!

Overskirt Wedding Gown


 Neck Lines

 SweetHeart NeckLine / Princess cut:

The princess cut is an absolute classic. The bustier line flatters any bust size, whilst also remaining elegant and modest, satisfying all parties and desires.

Sweeheart neckline wedding gown


 Fashion Wiz Sweetheart Neckline Wedding gown


 Low V neck:

Plunging neckline? On the opposite end of the spectrum, this neckline is for those of you who would like to add a little more sexy to the night of your life. It is especially flattering on those with smaller bust sizes, but frankly you can’t go wrong with this sort of cut as you can go with and without mesh or lace underneath. Limitless as it is, this might not be the dress for you if you come from a family that values modesty.

Low V Neck Wedding Gown


 Tube Top Dress:

This dress is a classic that you have to see, appealing to the classical 20th century princess wedding dresses we see in film. Jewelry is absolutely recommended whilst wearing a dress with this neckline, as there is a lot of blank space throughout areas from your collarbone to just under the shoulders. Many wear beautiful, bold necklaces and/or simple bracelets.

 Tube Top Wedding Gown


  Chic (neck that starts and end at the collar bones):

These dresses are very modest, chic and well put together. The wearer likely wants to draw all attention to the face, as eyes will follow the subject that pops most. Accessories are also a total must!

 Wedding Gown 10


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