Who's Alisha? Authors Introduction.

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Hello to all the fashion lovers. I am Alisha, a 27 years old fashion influencer and blogger. I have completed my fashion designing course in 2014. I research, generate, design and present fashion ideas and opinions through my blogs.

For the past years, I’ve been guiding people how to style and look elegant. I also take training sessions regarding fashion and lifestyle.

Being an experienced blogger and fashion influencer, I have vast knowledge about the fashion industry and I am fortunate that brands approach me.

I am the owner of a fashion magazine and have been writing blogs for more than hundreds of brands and individuals. Some of which include Black Avenue Productions, Gsweddings, Silver body jewelry, Tailored Jewels, Natural Annie, GlitziJewels, Psid Productions and many more.

While some people are born fashionista, others need some guidance and I am here to help you understand fashion better and develop the sense of style. My love for fashion and helping people with their personal style is never ending.

I love to write about outfits, footwear, jewelry, makeup, lifestyle, beauty, the latest trends and everything that comes in fashion. I am an expert in styling people for modelling and runaway fashions. I also have experience working for many Bollywood and Hollywood actors. Let me use my creativity and fashion sense and to guide in every step.

Let’s make you more beautiful.

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